Benvenuti in Scozia!

Here are some places where you can experience Italian language and culture around Scotland.


Italian - Scozia

Smile Cafe Central

- Glasgow

An Italian cafe full of authentic Italian flavours right in the heart of the city.

This is one of our favourite places to drop by for a Ciabatta at lunch.

Fratelli Sarti

- Glasgow

An Italian restaurant located on the corner of Renfield Street in the city centre, which serves traditional Italian cuisine


- Largs

Although you probably won't be able to practice your Italian when you visit Nardini's, its iconic art-deco structure stands as a monument to the success of entreprenurial Italian families in Scotland.

Established in 1935, it re-opened in 2008 after extensive refurbishement.

Despite the fact that it's a wee bit more difficult to get 'Doon the water' these days, a day at the seaside provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy 'un gelato'.