Here's a bit more about our team.

Using our knowledge and experience we provide a premium language learning experience for all ages.

English main

David McGuire

Director, English teacher

David began teaching English near Dublin, Ireland in 2002. He has a BA (Honours) in Modern Language Studies with English and Spanish, as well as a CELTA.

In 2011, he set up Language Within. As both the Director and the English teacher, he works with all of the teachers to support their development and to help maintain standards.

Speaks: English & Spanish


Roberta Nicoletta

Italian teacher

Roberta is from Lioni, a small town in the South of Italy.

She has a degree in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performing Arts from the University of Bologna in Italy, as well as a CLTA.

Roberta teaches our Italian classes, as well as running our Italian storytelling sessions.

Speaks: Italian & English


Pilar Salvador Ochotorena

Spanish teacher

Pilar is from Almeria, in the South of Spain.

She has an ELE certificate from Instituto de Cervantes, as well as a degree in Environmental Education from the University of Almeria.

Pilar teaches Spanish for adults and kids, as well as corporate classes.

Speaks: Spanish & English