Here's a bit more about our team.

Using our knowledge and experience we provide a premium language learning experience for all ages.

English main

David McGuire

Director, English teacher

David began teaching English near Dublin, Ireland in 2002. While teaching in Spain, he developed courses for children. He has a degree in Modern Languages and a CELTA.

In 2011, he set up Language Within. As both the Director and the English teacher, he works with all of the teachers to support their development and to help maintain standards.

Speaks: English & Spanish


Roberta Nicoletta

Italian teacher

Roberta is from Lioni, a small town in the South of Italy.

She has a degree in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performing Arts from the University of Bologna in Italy, as well as a CLTA.

Roberta teaches our Italian classes, as well as running our Italian storytelling sessions.

Speaks: Italian & English


Nieves Ramos Carrasco

Spanish teacher

Nieves is from Cáceres, a town in the west of Spain.

She has a degree in Teaching and Musicology, and has been a teacher for 10 years.

Speaks: Spanish & English