Glasgow, Scotland

Language Within is a private school situated in the heart of Glasgow, which is ideal for people living, working and studying in and around the city.

We offer language learners the opportunity to enjoy learning another language while being a part of our community.


Due to COVID-19, we are working to restart our English courses. We have some one-to-one classes running and hope to restart our group courses in early 2021. We will continue to update this information.

Our courses offer you a great way to improve your communication skills and confidence.

Choose between General English, IELTS, or both, with 10 to 20 classes per week, as well as evening courses or one-to-one classes.

Are you working? No problem, we have evening classes as well.

Foreign Languages

Learn to communicate in Italian, Spanish, French or Gaelic with native speakers in the language you are learning.

Classes for kids take wee ones on an adventure of linguistic discovery each week.

Courses for adults range from beginners to advanced to help you improve your speaking skills and communicative confidence.

Buchanan Street